"CONSORZIO per la ricerca e lo sviluppo delle Applicazioni industriali del  Laser E del Fascio elettronico e dell'ingegneria di processo, materiali, metodi e tecnologie di produzione"

ENEA is the name for Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development and hosts over 2700 staff employees, distributed in its 9 research centers all over the national territory.
It conducts research and innovation activities, and provides public administration, enterprises and citizens with its advanced services.
Specifically, ENEA is concerned with energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy. It hosts experimental laboratories and facilities, and also dedicates its technological innovation skills to cultural heritage conservation, agro-food, health, and the environment.

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The Department of Mechanics, Mathematics and Management (DMMM) was founded in 2013 by the union in a single structure of DIMeG (Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Management) and DIM (Department of Mathematics).
Our mission is organization and promotion of higher education and research, as well as  processing and transfer of our scientific and technological knowledge.
The research areas of the Department are rooted in the most important sectors of Mechanical Engineering, Management and Mathematics.

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UNIVERSITà DELLA CALABRIA : Attivato nel novembre 2012, in attuazione alla riforma Gelmini, il Dipartimento di Ingegneria meccanica, energetica e gestionale (DIMEG), è un punto di riferimento strategico dell'Università della Calabria per le attività didattiche, di ricerca e di trasferimento tecnologico nel campo dell'Ingegneria industriale.

Al centro c'è lo studente. Oltre 50 professori e ricercatori, 15 unità di personale tecnico amministrativo e decine di studenti di dottorato e collaboratori di ricerca, lavorano ogni giorno con il “cuore” e con la “mente”, in un contesto basato su principi di competenza, senso di appartenenza e meritocrazia, ponendo lo studente al centro dell'intero progetto dipartimentale. Il Dimeg nasce intorno ai corsi di studio in Ingegneria meccanica, energetica e gestionale che ne fanno uno dei dipartimenti meglio posizionati in termini di competenze per l'erogazione di percorsi formativi di elevato livello.

La sua mission è costruire un modello di formazione fondato sulla ricerca scientifica e sulla competenza didattica, con una base di relazioni aziendali che si ramificano sull'intero territorio nazionale e oltre confine, in piena sintonia con il riordino del sistema universitario introdotto dalla legge 240/2010.

La ricerca scientifica nel settore della meccanica, dell'energetica e del management qualifica il Dimeg ben posizionandolo nello scenario internazionale. ma la visione è anche quella di creare sviluppo sul territorio, per cui una grande attenzione è posta ai progetti di trasferimento tecnologico per far sì che la ricerca divenga valore economico, al servizio dell'incremento della ricchezza del Paese e degli italiani.

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UNIVERSITÀ DEGGLI  STUDI DI SALERNO: Department of Industrial Engineering.
Established in 2011 by the merger into a single department of teachers and researchers in the fields of industrial engineering from the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering.
As for the field of Mechanical Engineering and Management, the most directly involved with the Consortium,
the department integrates expertise in the areas of design and modeling and virtual prototyping, the physics for energy and energy efficiency in buildings, in cars refrigeration and industrial applications, the Fluid, the Industrial Engineering, Technologies and Manufacturing Systems, Engineering And Management, of Fluid Machinery and systems for energy and the environment, the Applied Mechanics and of Mechanical Design and Construction of machines with models for the design and optimization of machine components, control of vibration and noise up to biomechanics.

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El.En. Group is one of the most important player in the LASER world, aiming at excellence in R&D and high production quality, generating advanced devices and solutions in terms of performance, excellent value for money, reliability, respect for the environment and effective and efficient post-sales.

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CRF (Centro Ricerche Fiat), headquartered in Orbassano (Turin) with other branch sites in Italy, was established in 1978. As a focal point for research activities of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), CRF has the mission to:

*develop and transfer innovative powertrains, vehicle systems and features, materials, processes and methodologies together with innovation expertise in order to improve the competitiveness of FCA products;
*represent FCA in European collaborative research programs, joining pre-competitive projects and promoting networking actions;
*support FCA in the protection and enhancement of intellectual property

With a workforce of approximately 900 full-time professionals, CRF develops research and innovation along the three principal axes of sustainability: Environmental Sustainability, which encompasses all aspects relating to energy efficiency as well as to the reduction of the impact on the environment over the entire lifecycle of the vehicle; Social Sustainability, focusing on the safety of transportation systems through the development of active, passive, preventive and cooperative solutions while adDr.essing the mobility of all users irrespective of their specific needs; Economically sustainable competitiveness, oriented towards viable innovation, i.e., improving the performance and functionality of new vehicles in a cost-effective manner while reducing the time-to-market of research results.

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Logo Stellantis

Stellantis is a leading global mobility player guided by a clear mission: to provide freedom of movement for all through distinctive, appealing, affordable and sustainable mobility solutions. Our Company’s strength lies in the breadth of our iconic brand portfolio, the diversity and passion of our 400,000 people, and our deep roots in the communities in which we operate.
The production cover a large choice from luxury, premium and mainstream passenger vehicles to pickup trucks, SUVs and light commercial vehicles, as well as dedicated mobility, financial, and parts and service brands
Global organization with industrial operations in 30 countries and a commercial presence in more than 130 markets, Stellantis has the ability to consistently exceed the evolving needs and expectations of customers, while creating superior value for all stakeholders.

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AleniaAermacchi is the Italian leader in aeronautics and among the world’s top players in the design, development, manufacture and support of commercial and military, trainers and unmanned aircraft systems.

Through its robust experience in advanced materials, AleniaAermacchi plays primary roles in the leading international civil programs, for which it manufactures complex aerostructures.

The present AleniaAermacchi was formed on January 1, 2012 by the merger between AleniaAeronautica and Aermacchi. This created a single industrial entity under the Finmeccanica group, bringing together the extraordinary heritage of knowledge, technologies and experience gathered in a century of activity by companies thatwrote the history of the Italian aviation industry, including Aeritalia, Fiat Aviazione, Macchi, Romeo and SIAI Marchetti.

The collective industrial heritage of these companies is summarized by the almost 30,000 airplanes built from 1913 to the present.

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Since 1990, LASIT has designed and manufactured standard and custom laser engraving machines – including highly complex automated systems– for laser marking and engraving. Over the years, LASIT has continued to offer the highest level of technology with a research and development department that has helped launch new developments and releases in state-of-the-art equipment. We’ve introduced innovations in terms of mechanics, automation, hardware, and software. LASIT is able to analyze all production requirements for the customer and apply practical and innovative solutions in order to meet customers’ needs when it comes to both custom and specialized projects.
With over 20 years in the industry and an engineering team made up of mechanical, electrical, software, and applications engineers, LASIT is able to design and manufacture a full range of laser engraving machines for marking and engraving, deep cutting, and precision micro perforation. LASIT manufactures its products entirely on-site, using only high-quality components that offer durability and reliability. LASIT’s customers can benefit from a comprehensive laser laboratory that offers R&D and feasibility studies for specific applications with a broad range of lasers for testing from CO2, fiber (short and long pulse), CW, Green, vanadate and UV. A detailed scientific report is provided with all testing parameters in order to recommend the best solution.

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The Italian Institute of Welding Group is constituted by the Italian Institute of Welding , a non-profit Association, and three limited companies: IIS CERT, IIS PROGRESS and IIS SERVICE solely owned by the Italian Institute of Welding..
The IIS Group is characterized by a multidisciplinary and versatile structure, consisting of operating divisions specialized in different areas of expertise, offering comprehensive services in many industries, such as oil & gas, civil and industrial infrastructures, power generation, transportation, chemical, electromechanical and manufacturing, in Italy and abroad.
IIS is a founding member of the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Welding Federation (EWF). Within these organizations the Institute has always held apical positions.

IIS currently employs about 45 people and promotes institutional activities organizing. technical events and conferences, coordinating marketing and commercial strategies for the Group as well as research and development; ensuring and managing the external relations through its media. Within IIS are main Group corporate services. IIS PROGRESS currently employs about 45 people.

Our mission is the development of design, the construction and testing of structures, systems and components in the industrial sector for ourselves and for our Clients. The highest standards are applied and competence and commitment characterize our activity. We combine, as peculiar feature, the capability of developing complex multidisciplinary projects, with the attitude to include innovation to reach better performance, lower cost, lower scheduling time, higher reliability and robustness. The full satisfaction of our Clients is a main target for us.

Our activity includes the conceptual design, the final design, the issue of technical specifications, the purchase, the project management, the supervision of construction and assembling, the final testing, the owner engineer services. We are able to tackle all multidisciplinary fields in the design and development of Projects. The fields of special expertise include nuclear energy (both new generation electric power plants and nuclear facility decommissioning and radioactive waste management, conditioning and storage), conventional energy, renewable energy, environment protection, chemical plants, steel working, water treatment and desalination.

To guarantee the highest specialization and the capability of joining different know-how, when required, S.R.S. Servizi di Ricerche e Sviluppo, is part of a wider company group.

The other Companies of the GROUP are: S.R.S. GROUP S.r.l., PROIL S.r.l., S.R.S. Energy Solutions, S.R.S. ENGINEERING DESIGN, S.R.S. VIRTUAL PROTOTYPING, Q PROGETTI S.r.l.

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BYSCRONIC TUBE PROCESSING S.p.A is represented internationally by numerous own companies and partner companies. The specificity of activity concerns the laser-supported processing of tubes and profiles with diameters between 12 and 610 millimeters and lengths of tubes and profiles up to 14 meters. Applications of CO₂ and fiber laser cutting technologies depending on the material, desired cutting quality and productivity. 2D and 3D laser cutting technology which enables individual and precise cutting of workpieces in the most diverse variants: tubes with round, square and rectangular shapes as well as profiles with different open cross sections (e.g. H, L, T and cross sections U). In addition to linear cutting margins, 3D technology also allows for tilts of up to 45 degrees. This variety replaces expensive milling, drilling, punching or sawing.



Walter Tosto S.p.A is a company of the Tosto Group, together with its subsidiary Walter Tosto WTB and Belleli Energy CPE (turnover: over 215 million euros, 1300 employees), which is located in the metalworking sector of the boiler plant: it designs and manufactures critical appliances of enormous dimensions that exports all over the world to an important clientele in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Energy production industries.
The company articulates its activities within the seven Chieti plants, in the Ortona yard and, through the subsidiary Walter Tosto WTB, with plants in Bucharest and within the river port of Oltenita (Romania).
Production in the industrial sector represents, together with participation in Big Science projects, the company's core business.
Through the Nuclear Division, Walter Tosto has taken part in important Big Science projects, an area in which he is currently active in the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) international research program.
Fusion for Energy (F4E - European Agency for nuclear fusion research) has entered into an agreement for the supply of five sections of the vacuum vessel, the heart of the reactor, with the European consortium AMW (Ansaldo Nucleare SpA - Mangiarotti S.p.A - Walter Tosto SpA). For the same project, the company was also recently commissioned to supply parts of the Divertor system of the fusion reactor.
In addition to the ITER order, Walter Tosto was awarded the supply of 18 (+2 spare) containment boxes for a satellite project: Tokamak JT-60SA

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Established in 1976 as a stainless steel trading warehouse, it has specialized in welding processes and in the processing of tubing.
It has three industrial sites (Schio (VC), Formigine (MO), Morra de Santis (AV), and a research center based in Magreta (MO).
In the course of 40 years of activity, it has established itself as a reference company for the production of highly functional components in steel, aluminum, titanium and special alloys.

Historically oriented to the sector of automatic machines for food processing and packaging, it has grown by diversifying markets by opening up to new sectors, including aerospace and advanced mechanics.
The industrial model is strongly linked to applied industrial research, with highly specialized skills in Surface Engineering and Reliability.
It is also specialized in TUBERY PROCESSING:

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